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We are so glad you are considering joining us for Online VBS 2021!  
Below you will find some general information on how to get started.

***Please let us know that you will be using our Online VBS Resources for copyright purposes.  Let us know the date of your VBS and the number of students who will be attending.  

  • Begin Online registration

Find out who and how many children will participate in your online VBS.​  You can do it through email, text message, or online sign ups like:

  • Share information with your church and families

  • Decide whether you want to do a 5 week VBS (Each week, we cover 1 Day's theme and stations. Starting Sunday with online worship and Monday to Friday 20mins of 1 station each day)

  • Or if you will do a 1 week only VBS.

*Although CMI will offer all the VBS Station videos to use,  remember that parents will ultimately be the one's working with the child at home.  So to do a traditional 3hr/day VBS rotation with all the stations, would be too much work and transition for parents.  That is why we opted for a 20min 1 station/day option.

  • Order your materials. 

We will be using Group's Imagination station crafts.  Ordering through or will save you money and its free shipping for $50 and over.  




We will be using the following materials during the 5 weeks of VBS.

  • Customize your VBS bags  

       The material list we provide 

       is the minimum materials 

       required in the home to do

       our VBS activities.  If you

       want to add additional items

       like Memory buddies or

       tshirts, or handkerchief, you

       can do so.  

  • Plan out your Distribution strategy for VBS packets.      See our sample.

Click on the link below for materials list and where you can find them. 

  • Package Pick Up Plan
       Once you have ordered 
       your packages from
       Concordia, make a plan of
       how you want to distribute
       the packages to your
Below is a sample of KUMC of GW's plan.  
  • Package Pick Up Info
 P. Up Date:   Sat. June 26, 2021

Time:              11am-12:00pm

Place:             KUMCGW parking

  • Instructions:

1.  Make your way to KUMCGW on Sat. June 26 between 11am-12:00pm

2.  Drive to one of the Package pick up stations set up and once at the pick up point, open the car trunk

3.  A volunteer will put in the number of packages requested into your car. 

*Do not get out of the car, volunteers will be wearing gloves & masks

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